Tips for Best Results from Laser Hair Removal

Are you considering laser hair removal? This is a popular and permanent hair reduction option for any part of the body. Whether you are looking to remove hairs from your face or your limbs, you can expect great results from advanced laser hair technology. But there are a few things you should know before you get an investment. Your local experts can give you the top tips for the best results from laser hair removal in Simi Valley.

Tips for Best Results from Laser Hair Removal

With these tips for the best results from laser hair removal, you will be on the way to enjoying smoother skin in no time.

Start with Realistic Goals

Laser hair removal can effectively reduce the amount of body hair you grow. However, it is not guaranteed to remove hair altogether. Total hair removal – the removal of hair from the entire body – is just not possible. The FDA defines this procedure as “permanent hair reduction” as it can prevent hair from growing in certain areas, or it can cause hair to grow a lot more slowly.

Schedule a Consultation

Before making any final decisions about your hair removal needs, you should visit a local hair removal specialist. Laser hair removal can be possible for you, but you should receive a full assessment first. Your specialist can help you decide whether you are a good candidate for laser hair removal and what parts of your body can benefit the most from this process.

Remember it Takes Time

The laser hair removal process takes several weeks to complete, meaning you will have to wait a little while to see the full results. While you don’t spend too much time in the office getting zapped, you have to wait for different hair follicle growth cycles in order for the treatment to take effect. Just remember that patience pays off, and getting the best results is well worth the wait.

Schedule Your Appointments in Advance

In order to receive the full laser hair removal treatment, you must schedule your appointments at certain times during follicle regrowth. For desired results, you must come in once about every six weeks. Make sure to schedule your appointments well in advance; that way you won’t be cramped for time when it gets closer to your six-week treatment.

Invest in Healthy Products

Your skin will be quite sensitive in the areas where you received the laser hair treatment. Remember not to use any creams or scrubs in the few days before and after your treatment appointment. It is also advised that you stay away from spray tans and chemical peels for several weeks. Use moisturizers that help heal the skin and nurture your sensitive areas.

Do Not Pluck or Wax!

Creating additional treatments around the desired hair removal area may impede the laser hair removal process. Avoid waxing or plucking your hair in the weeks leading up to the removal; otherwise, you can create different stages of growth for the follicles, which will make it difficult for you to achieve your desired results. This also applies to hair dye; make sure that you don’t add chemicals to your skin.

Consider the Best Hair Removal Treatment for Your Body Today!

At the office of Simi Doctors, we know exactly how frustrating it is to deal with unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal is a great option if you want to significantly reduce hair growth and visible hair from your body. If you are tired of constantly shaving or waxing the hair you don’t want, give your skin a break and rejuvenate yourself with effective laser hair treatments. Reach out to your local Simi Valley med spa specialists to learn about our advanced rejuvenation features. We look forward to helping you heal!

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